Origami Instructions

Crane Instructions by: StephenCavilia
The classic origami bird %IMAGE{"CraneInstruction/step-20.jpg" size="100"}%
Animal made from square
Masu Box Instructions by: StephenCavilia
A traditional square box %IMAGE{"MasuBoxInstruction/m1-step-8.jpg" size="100"}%
Box made from square
Open Frame I unit Instructions by: StephenCavilia
Edge-type modular unit %IMAGE{"OpenFrameIUnit/step-6-p.jpg" size="100"}%
Modular unit made from square
Sonobè Assembly Instructions by: StephenCavilia
Assembling sonobè units %IMAGE{"Origami/SonobeAssembly/m2-assy-8-p.jpg" size="100"}%
Modular assembly made from SonobeUnit
Sonobè Unit Instructions by: StephenCavilia
A two-pocket two-point modular unit %IMAGE{"SonobeUnit/step-8-p.jpg" size="100"}%
Modular unit made from square
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