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  • How to build a LightTent for macro photography

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Garmin Contour Maps from USGS National Elevation Dataset Overview 1 Download pre packaged NED tiles from USGS, 1 degree square each. 1 Split tiles into subtiles ...
New Computer Ideas Fall 2011 Ideas for new computers following major damage to thalassa on 2011 08 27. Laptop/Tablet Fujitsu T730 Lenovo X220 * No onboard optical ...
OpenStreetMap for Garmin GPS Some tools have been developed by the OSM community to allow the map data to be translated into the format used for maps with Garmin GPS ...
OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is an online project to create a free editable map of the world. OSM Maps for GPS * GarminOSMMaps Other maps using OSM tools * ...
Memory Card Speed Tests Manufacturer Format Size Speed/Class Read (B/s) Write (B/s) Sandisk M2 4G ? 7.9M Transcend SDHC 8G 6 ...
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Using STM32 Microcontrollers and the ST Link Programmer in Linux Introduction STM32 is a series of ARM based microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics. ST makes a ...
Xilinx ISE Design Suite Linux Installation Tips USB Drivers Legacy versions of ISE used a proprietary kernel module called "Windriver" (windrvr6) to communicate with ...
MosChip/NetMos MCS99xx Serial Cards The MosChip MCS9900 series are PCI Express I/O cards, including the 9904 tested here with 4 serial ports and other chips providing ...
Linux on the Sony Vaio CS series This page describes my experiences running Gentoo Linux on a Sony Vaio VGN CS215J laptop. Specifications Specifications of the CS ...
ramdisks, initrd, ramfs, and initramfs Linux booting with Early Userspace Introduction In the simplest of Linux installations, finding and mounting the root filesystem ...
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Evolved Microcontroller Application Board Introduction EMAB will be a microcontroller development board based on an Atmel AVR XMEGA processor. It will include USB ...
Repeater interface to TYT TH 9000 mobile radio Radio side connector There is a connector on the TH 9000 circuit board with the signals necessary for repeater operation ...
LM3401LED LED3401x1 r1.0 Single channel driver Design Files PCB Image BOM Designator Quantity Description Package Manufacturer Part Number Supplier ...
Power Filter for Automotive Electronics A power line noise filter to isolate mobile electronics such as two way radios from noise generated by the alternator or other ...
Universal H Bridge Driver Hardware Design Revision 1.0 * Dual MOSFET complementary H Bridge outputs (3A current per channel) provided by ZXMHC3F381N8 ICs, gates ...
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Modular Origami Images Images of completed ModularOrigami models Sonobè unit and variants Cube Octahedron Brocade Others PenultimateUnit OpenFrameIUnit ...
Crane More images Folding Instructions 1. Valley crease the paper along one diagonal and mountain fold on the other, with the colored side facing out. ...
Masu Box This is a traditional design for a square box. The height of the sides can vary from almost flat to the same as the width of the base, making a cube shaped ...
Name Animal Box Modular unit Modular assembly
Open Frame I Unit This is a modular unit that can be assembled into three or four unit rings to form open frames of polyhedra. More information Books * Fus ...
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Workflow for High Dynamic Range Panoramas HDR alignment HDR panoramas can be aligned and stitched with all individual frames like normal panoramas, but this creates ...
Hugin Hugin is a free software application for panorama stitching. Initially it was a front end for the Panorama Tools package, an alternative to the PTAssembler GUI ...
Panorama Tutorials Tutorials for taking, stitching, and viewing panoramic photos Tutorials hosted here * HDRPanoramaWorkflow On the Web * My instructable ...
Free Software for Panorama Stitching Main.StephenCavilia 2010 06 29
Macro Light Tent A light tent or light box is a lighting device used to illuminate objects with diffuse light, usually for macro photography. Using a light tent reduces ...
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