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the Ultimate Analog Intervalometer

The Ultimate Analog Intervalometer is a programmable multipurpose camera controller.



  • Built-in switch and external sensor trigger
  • Controls camera shutter release and focus lock with EOSRebelRemote interface
  • Bulb mode - shutter is directly opened as long as trigger signal is active
  • Single timed mode - trigger rising edge starts timed shutter pulse
  • Burst timed mode - train of timed shutter pulses as long as trigger signal is active


  • Self timer - delay between trigger rising edge and timed shutter pulse
  • Plugins - add-on modules can read and modify trigger, focus, and shutter signals and draw power from the intervalometer

Parts List

  • 2 5V reed relay
  • 1 MC33269 LDO voltage regulator
  • 2 555 Timers (or one 556)
  • 1 DC power jack
  • 1 2-position terminal block
  • ~8 Resistors
  • ~5 Capacitors
  • 2 Potentiometer
  • 3 NPN small-signal transistor (e.g. 2N2222)
  • 1 PNP small-signal transistor (e.g. 2N2907)
  • 3 LEDs
  • 2 momentary SPST switch (pushbutton)
  • 1 latching SPST switch (toggle or rocker)
  • 2 SPDT switch (toggle or rocker)


Schematic for revision 1: %IMAGE{"intervalometer.png" type="frame" align="center" size="600"}%



Time-lapse video of cloud movement made using this intervalometer:

-- StephenCavilia - 2009-08-05

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Name Ultimate Analog Intervalometer
Summary Multipurpose timer-based camera controller
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Components Device555Timer, DeviceRelay
Difficulty Expert
Author StephenCavilia
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