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Modular Origami Images Images of completed ModularOrigami models Sonobè unit and variants Cube Octahedron Brocade Others PenultimateUnit OpenFrameIUnit ...
Crane More images Folding Instructions 1. Valley crease the paper along one diagonal and mountain fold on the other, with the colored side facing out. ...
Masu Box This is a traditional design for a square box. The height of the sides can vary from almost flat to the same as the width of the base, making a cube shap...
Name Animal Box Modular unit Modular assembly
Open Frame I Unit This is a modular unit that can be assembled into three or four unit rings to form open frames of polyhedra. More information Books * Fus...
Origami Information OrigamiInstructions Instructions for making some origami models. ModularOrigami Modular origami models are built out of multiple small...
Assembling Sonobè Units Basic Assembly To assemble units into pointed triangles: 1. Each unit has two tabs on its ends and two pockets near the center. Insert...
Origami Instructions %SEARCH{"form.name = 'InstructionForm' AND NOT(name ~ '*Template')" type="query" nosearch="on" noheader="on" format=" $formfield(Name) Ins...
Modular Origami Modular Origami (also known as unit origami) is a style of origami in which models are built by connecting together multiple folded units, instead...
Sonobè Unit Sonobè is a ModularOrigami system named after its designer, Mitsunobu Sonobè. Each Sonobè unit has two pockets that accept points from two other units...
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Origami Animal Images Cranes Split Color Elephant Reindeer Main.StephenCavilia 2009 07 27
Origami Folding Videos Videos by Main.StephenCavilia, hosted by blip.tv. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Crane Split color Var...
Origami Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Origami web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and , a...
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