Memory Card Speed Tests

Manufacturer Format Size Speed/Class Read (B/s) Write (B/s)
Sandisk M2 4G ? 7.9M  
Transcend SDHC 8G 6 9.9M, 15.8M  
Kodak SD 2G ? 10.2M, 16M  
Canon MMC 16M ? 2.2M  
pqi μSD 4G 6 10M, 14.2M  
AData SDHC 4G 6 10.3M, 16M  
Nokia μSD 4G ? 13M  
AData SDHC 16G 6 10.3M, 15.9M  
Kingston SDHC 8G 4 10M, 15.4M  

-- StephenCavilia - 11 Jul 2011
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