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[[AutomotivePowerFilter][]] Written by:  
Difficulty: ** Components used:
AVR Digital Counter Written by: StephenCavilia
A digital counter using an AVR micocontroller and 7-segment LED display  
Difficulty: Intermediate Components used: AtmelAVR, SevenSegmentDisplay
Automotive LED Lighting Written by: StephenCavilia
DIY projects for solid-state car lighting.  
Difficulty: Intermediate Components used: LightEmittingDiode
LED Throwies Written by: StephenCavilia
A minimalist flashlight or "electronic graffiti" made from a LightEmittingDiode and LithiumBattery %IMAGE{"LEDThrowie/img_1731.jpg" size="100"}%
Difficulty: Beginner Components used: LightEmittingDiode, LithiumBattery, DeviceResistor
LM3401 LED drivers Written by:  
Constant-current PFET-based power LED driver  
Difficulty: Intermediate Components used:
TH-9000 Repeater Interface Written by:  
Difficulty: Intermediate Components used:
Ultimate Analog Intervalometer Written by: StephenCavilia
Multipurpose timer-based camera controller %IMAGE{"UltimateAnalogIntervalometer/IMG_5813.JPG" size="100"}%
Difficulty: Expert Components used: Device555Timer, DeviceRelay
Universal H-Bridge Driver Written by: StephenCavilia
Dual MOSFET H-Bridge driver with analog and digital inputs  
Difficulty: Expert Components used:
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